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When the ship of Kalantri Brothers sails through the massive waves of pandemic

Kalantri Factory

“Lockdown, job loss impacted 40 mn workers in India”

“ Weekly unemployment filings dip to 787,000, Maharashtra’s active cases dip to 1.62M, Corona outbreak leads to loss of millions of lives.”

All these were the heart-wrenching headlines at the beginning of this massive pandemic. No wonder this gigantic wave of Covid-19 brought a huge portion of the industry to a standstill. While the situation all around was filled with anxiety and stress, we at Kalantri Brothers strived to deliver the necessary goods even during this rigid situation. The working process of our industry did not come to standstill even for a single time. We were tirelessly working to deliver our best even in the worst situations.

While the entire world was facing a huge loss and the shutters of many industries were closed, Kalantri Brothers’ doors were wide open to tackle the difficulties and problems in all the ways possible. Anxiety had no place in our company because we kept our spirits high and worked with the same determination as always. Not even a single time did we lose hopes or let our morale go down. Every member was working as one family. 

Humanity is the firm pillar of our company and we try to imply it in each possible aspect, may it be providing food and clothing to the employees or may it be giving shelter to them. We believe that each member who works at Kalantri Brother is our family and it was our moral responsibility to support this extended family at tough times. We are always overwhelmed by the support of our staff and consider it our good fortune to have such firm support. There was no recession in our industry even in the period of the pandemic because we tried to keep things as normal as possible. In fact, full salaries, incentives, and even advance salaries were given to the entire staff of Kalantri Brothers. Moreover, sustainable hygienic practices were enforced to be undertaken by employees.

Considering that the consumer focus had been shifted from the economic value of the products to the safety to consume the products, every necessary aspect of the factory was minutely inspected and sanitized to ensure the same. Regular temperature and O2 check-ups were done to assure complete safety and these check-ups are still done every day.

While working in the peak period of the Corona pandemic, we faced a huge problem regarding the transportation of our final goods as well as raw materials supplies. The availability of transport facilities was less but we still managed the situation with a positive aspect and did not let our supplies come to standstill. We arranged the transportation in all ways possible and also took the responsibility for the food and shelter of the truck drivers. At Kalantri Brothers, humanity and empathy are the two aspects that we cherish. We are trying to bring a wave of change and we believe that it can only be intitiated from within the organisation. We proudly declare this success story of the Kalantri Brothers. It was not possible to face it without the support and efforts of the entire family of the Kalantri Brothers. We were working, we are still working and we will keep working with all the determination and consistency may what situation come. 

We set this situation as an example of the reliability and consistency of Kalantri Brothers in all conditions and that we are ready to serve you may what situation occur. This also sets an example that portrays that we do our duties with responsibilities and never let anyone down; may it be our employees, suppliers, or customers. We keep our heads high and face the problems but never skip to serve our customers. We agree that the waves of problems are massive but our ship is strong to sail through them!

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